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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dylan's 9th Birthday

So we went with the Lego theme and thanks to mom's help it was a success.  We played Lego guy scavenger hunt, group building, and guess how many Legos there are.  The kids loved the scavenger hunt.  I hid 12 Lego guts all over my dining room and they went to town.  I would not play the group building again but it seemed to never end and they got board.  They did have some great guesses for the guess how many Lego game.  I set the game sup in stations and used left over invitations to label the stations and put the rules of the games on them.  I also had Lego themed coloring pages to keep the kids entertained during transition times.  Everyone won a prize and the kids had a great time.
Below are the cakes made by mom.  She made rectangular cakes and the Lego tops are marshmallow.   They were a bug hit with everyone.  The gift bags were purchase from Party City and we used a hole punch to make the circles.  We filled them goodies for the kids including Lego shaped candy purchased at our local Amish store.  The juice box covers were made form card stock and the same hole punch.  The invitations were made from card stock and a smaller whole punch. Here are the Lego cakes, the Lego gift bags, and Lego juice box covers.
Here is shot of the invitations.

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